Sharing insights with you

my newsletter about my experiences consuming life - travels, eating, drinking, playing and working.

I’m taking a writing course and excited to set up a newsletter of sorts as well as dust of my blogging practice and refine my skills.

YOU are a friend and have been a supporter of mine across my writing journey. I hope you will follow this process with me and share your own experiences in consuming life.

Moreso, I hope you will consider your own writing practice as part of my sharing. Maybe you want to ask me about this course or you have a course you want to try. I encourage you to start writing. To just ‘get shit down’ and see how it feels.

IF you are getting enough email or feel information overload, please feel free to unsubscribe. I will in no way be offended. Let me know of a better way to remain in touch with you.

More soon -

steph (maximizealot)