Maximizealot: to experience a lot of things, fully and with excellence, if not only growth.

Experiences Maximized

At my core I love to maximize - to do the most I can, at the best quality and with frequency. Of course this is sometimes to my disappointment and sometimes causes others discomfort. In all situations there are learning opportunities and discovery.

I have had the opportunity to live in various parts of the world, to eat and drink at wonderful places and can also include furry animals as a part of my family. With all of these experiences are encounters, some paid, and some ongoing that inform our quality of experiencing life.

As a consultant in management, leadership and engagement for the better part of my career, as well as a professor of business strategy and a practitioner of sustainability and social enterprise, I would say I have been a ‘facilitator’. Through this role, I have observed countless experiences that have changed the course of an organization, a team or an individual’s life. When we add humans to the mix of experiences, we add bias and behavior. The effect our bias’ have on our decisions and in turn our experiences and those around us is a fascinating and never-ending study.

Amidst these experiences I am hopeful to focus on things that are maximized or could have been. I bring a focus on feedback, improvement, and things that remove barriers to human connection.

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